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In the world of chaos and bewilderment, the populace all across the world now seeks peace and serenity even it is for a limited time, and what's better than a trek surrounded by adorable nature and natural aesthetics? A trek quests the thirst of both an adventurous trip and a desire for tranquillity. Some use it as an escape while others take up trekking as an affirming adventure to measure their ability and stamina.


Though trekking is incredibly benign and all but it can be quite breathtaking at times. To choose a destination to trek, numerous factors need to be taken into consideration. The foremost being, a decent place to trek. At the end of the trek, the individual seeks a lavish green or an exceptionally elegant view. Or else, what is the point of trekking anyways, right? Hence, we've reaped an amazing list of treks from all around the world to help you decide better where and when you can calm your nerves.

1. Annapurna Trek (Nepal)

Going by the meaning of the name, it is the 'perfect food' for your hungry adventurous soul. Located in Nepal, this trek brings uncertainties that add up to the fierce scenic beauty that terminates the trek. At a height of around 4000metres, this trek is immensely prominent and has the splendorous beauty of nature. Annapurna serves as the accurate crusade for all those enthusiastic temperaments. The trek abates at a lovely plateau that is encircled by tall and slender mountains known as Annapurna Sanctuary.

2. Routeburn (New Zealand)


Placed on the south island of New Zealand, Routeburn is a world-famous trek that overlaps two national parks. The park of the trek rests at Harris Saddle where one can find an astonishing scenic view spread in many directions. The use of this track is dated back to the 19th century. The track ensembles portraits of several mountains, waterfalls and stunning lakes along the way. The best time to visit is any time of the year.

The 32 km long trek takes you along a breathtaking journey in the soul of the South Island of New Zealand has been identified as the "Great Walk" by the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

3. Everest Base Camp

Talking about treks of the world, how can we skip the great Everest, the greatest peak of the world. While not everyone is made to scale the highest peak, they can at least trek up to the first base camp of the show stopper among all. The culture and the glorious rivers along the way will have you astounded. Make sure your fitness and stamina are on point before you take up the journey to this beast. This trek is going to take you no less than a span of 10 days.

4. Adam's Peak (Sri Lanka)

The crowd willing to make up the trek to Adam's peak in Sri Lanka isn't limited. You can find a huge number of people clamoring in their lowest pitches to trek up to this peak. The peak is considered to be hoky by Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and even Muslims this great mountain peak can be availed by six routes which provide the travelers with several certainties which depend on the level of hiking experience. As mentioned earlier, being a pilgrimage for a wide range of religions, this place is toured by people every year. Many of them have already discovered the areas of the majestic sunrise that fetches magnificent views from the peak. In light of this many people commence their journey at night time so they can reach up to the peak by morning and do not miss the imperial sunrise views. The trek holds a religious and ethical significance for a lot of people in the world and is immensely rewarding for them.

5. Kailash (Tibet)

As sacred and as beautiful as it may get, Kailash is one of the majestic treks in the world. The Kailash circuit is not just a religious trek, it holds adventurous virtue by all means. So if you're someone who's both religious and wishes to take up adventure more than often, or even if you're passionate about adventurous journeys, do take up this trek in your life. The most significant rivers of India named Brahmaputra and Indus have their roots in Kailash making it more noteworthy than usual. The prestige of the trek lies in the belief that people's ceaseless process of death and birth will abate on taking this voyage.

6. Snowman Trek (Bhutan)


Snowman trek cuts across the range of the Himalayas lying between Bhutan and Tibet and beings about a memorable journey to those taking up this trek because of its gruesome nature. Usually, it takes a month to complete this grueling trek. The trail is crescent in shape passing over eleven mountains that give it an edge over the other treks in terms of beauty. The miscellaneous judges and drifts and valleys make it all the more desirable for people to accept the challenge of completing the one. The trek level stands at 'difficult' which makes it obvious that only experienced and well establishes hikers should be taking on this journey. The trek in itself is rewarding.

7. Poon Hill Trek (Nepal)

Nepal encompasses various beautiful natural magnificence. Nepal has the nicest, and of course the tallest and most spectacular mountains in its lap. Poon hill is one of them. Though it trails lesser than the Annapurna Bade camp, it is another wonderful trek of the land of Sherpas. It exposes the trekkers to the beginner-level trek and provides them with beauty no less than any other trail. Standing 3210m tall, the peak bestows hikers with assorted landscapes and a flavor of the mountain community. It comes across as a notable temptation for the locals and people from across the world. Being basic, it is accessible by most of the population which is fit and healthy. It lures the populace with its imperial and enticing views.

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