Exciting Cruise Journeys You Must Try When Visiting India


The magnificent ocean, the captivating sunsets over the sea, and the charm of high and low tides hold an irresistible appeal. Unlike any other form of travel, cruise ship voyages offer a unique lifetime adventure, immersing you in a world of water devoid of any surrounding land.

Exploring the cruise voyages means experiencing top-notch hospitality and visiting stunning destinations, making it an experience that feels like a dream come true. And India, a land adorned with countless experiences, offers not just its lively streets but also delightful waterways that reveal a different dimension of its beauty.

Check out this list of some of the most exciting cruise trips that you must try while on your trip to India.

1. Cordelia Cruises, Mumbai-Goa


Embarking on an incredible cruise journey from Mumbai to Goa is an unforgettable experience that spans just three days. Departing from the iconic Gateway of India in Mumbai to the stunning shores of Goa, it offers travelers a delightful mix of Indian and global cuisines, vibrant nightlife at the onboard nightclubs and lounges, panoramic ocean views, and exquisite amenities which makes it a must-try cruise journey.

2. Sunderbans Cruise


The Sunderbans National Park is the world’s largest mangrove ecosystem and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as the sanctuary for the majestic ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’. Embark on a luxurious four-day cruise journey along the Ganges delta that promises a soul-stirring encounter with nature's marvels and allows travelers to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of one of India's most intriguing ecosystems.

3. Mumbai To Maldives Cruise


Embark on a luxurious escape from Mumbai to the stunning Maldives. This cruise journey exceeds boundaries, smoothing blending richness and natural beauty. Sailing across the stretch of the Arabian Sea, travelers are treated to a sensory feast of breathtaking ocean panoramas and lavish comforts. Departing from Mumbai, the cruise route includes stops at different locations, where guests can experience enriching shore excursions.

4. Kerala Backwaters Cruise


Also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is one of the finest natural harbors in the world. This region offers a serene escape, thanks to the stunning lakes, soothing greenery, and a vibrant ecosystem with aquatic, plant, and bird life. Step abroad on a traditional houseboat and navigate the serene backwaters of Kerala, an experience that incorporates peace and charm. It’s an ideal retreat for those seeking a break from the busy city life.

5. Assam To Kerala Cruises


Embark on a captivating journey from Assam to Kerala, sailing through diverse landscapes and cultural tapestries. Covering the mighty Brahmaputra river, travelers experience a vibrant diversity of traditions and landscapes through the lush ‘tea country’ of Assam in northeastern India. This new cruising route spans the Indo-Bangladesh border and offers a unique journey through the transboundary landscapes of lower Assam, Bangladesh, and the southern region of West Bengal.

6. Mumbai To Lakshadweep Cruise


Setting sail from Mumbai to the stunning shores of Lakshadweep, this cruise unfolds a narrative of untouched beauty and calmness. The journey navigates through crystal-clear waters, guiding travelers to the remote and serene islands of Lakshadweep, unveiling diverse scenic routes that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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