5 Best places for road trip in Europe


A road trip gives you the benefit of exploring new places, meeting new people, rejuvenating energy, and much more. It helps to unwind and broaden the mind and enjoy it without any predetermined destination.

Here is a list of the best places to go for a road trip in Europe you should go on at least once in life.

1. Iceland Ring Road


Iceland’s ring road is a 1322 km long route that goes in a loop and connects most of the towns and villages of this island, also known as ‘Route 1’. The absolute beauty of this place and the fact that it covers the entire island makes it a perfect destination for eager travelers. You’ll find yourself pulling over often to take pictures on the beautiful track of this route. You can go for a hike to the top of Skogafoss waterfall, swim at Seljavallalaug pool, go whale watching in Husavik, and much more along the way.

2. Atlantic Road Norway


The Atlantic Road or Atlantic ocean road is a 8.3 km long route that connects Averoy, Norway with the mainland by means of an archipelago of small islands, islets and reefs through 8 bridges and is known to be one of the most beautiful car journeys in the world. This road goes through breathtaking natural surroundings and multiple viewpoints throughout the journey. You must visit here once to enjoy the breathtaking views of the majestic ocean along with the mountain views.

3. Epirus, Greece


Epirus is an incredibly beautiful island in Greece that is located on the northwestern part of Greece. The roads in this route goes through beautiful lakes, magnificent monasteries, impressive mountain villages, all of which contributes in making this route a must try road trip route for travelers.

4. Florence to Amalfi Coast


The Florence to Amalfi coast road trip distance is around 534.9 km that goes through beautiful scenic routes of Italy, from Florence to Italy. It goes from Rome, Vatican City, Pompeii, Viterbo to all the way to Florence. You can visit Borghese Museum and Gallery, Trevi Fountain and much more along your way to the destination. The entire route is filled with numerous scenic routes along the way which makes this route worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

5. Edinburgh to London


The Edinburgh to London road trip is a 647 km route that goes through the most beautiful scenic routes of the UK. This route goes through some ancient towns, historic castles that showcase the architecture of the ancient period, multiple national parks, and also the beautiful Northern sea coastline along the way. You can also explore multiple locations on your way to London such as Blackpool Tower, Windermere, and much more as this route covers a huge section of the UK. The extraordinary beauty of this route makes it a must try trip for travel enthusiasts.

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